What It Looks Like To Start a Duct Cleaning Job

repair duct cleaning

Here’s a look at our team at Small Solutions LLC as we get prepared to clean ductwork in a customer’s home. This gives you an idea of what our duct cleaning unit looks like and how we get it ready to suck debris, pet hair, bugs and other random stuff from ductwork. Every job is different!

Cleaning ductwork in your home can take several hours. It varies depending on where your ducts are located and how easy it is for us to reach them. Small Solutions LLC serves the Northern Virginia area for duct cleaning, HVAC installation and maintenance.


Leaf blowers and ductwork?

Leaf Blowers use for Duct Cleaning Services call 540-425-3479

Who hasn’t thought of a hundred ways to use a leaf blower? Oh, we can count the ways… maybe not this way, though. A perfect demonstration of a DIY-er hoping to fluff out the dust in his ducts. If you want a serious solution (or at least a more effective one) for your ductwork and you’re in the Northern Virginia area, we can help!


Don’t try this at home, folks. Not really effective. Buck here can attest to that. Just gets things more dusty and it’s really loud. I mean, I guess you could try it, but don’t blame us for the idea.

Better to call us to help.