Coil Sterilization Systems

The Coil Sterilization System has been proven to be effective in our history, Ultraviolet light, also called UV light, was used by Nobel Prize winner Niels Finsen in 1903 to treat tuberculosis. It has since been used for sterilization in hospitals and to remove contaminants from food and water.

These days, the lights are used in many settings including in homes to keep HVAC equipment and indoor air clean. Ultraviolet lights are easy to install. They require little maintenance and consume minimal electricity.

Two types of UV lights are used in HVAC systems:

The coil sterilization light is a stick-type device that’s mounted inside the return air duct of an HVAC system to purify the air handler coil constantly.

The air sterilization light is a unit that’s also installed in the return air duct. It decontaminate the circulating air whenever the air handler’s blower is running.

Here are the two recommended coil sterilization systems we use, recommend and maintain…

Coil Sterilization Products We Offer, Recommend and Support

Duke University Medical Center researchers found that ultraviolet radiation reduced bacteria in 50 hospital rooms by over 97 percent!

In another study, UV radiation reduced fungal contamination in commercial air handling units. For the lights to be effective, any ductwork leaks must be sealed, air filters should be used and kept clean, and annual maintenance must be performed on the HVAC system.

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