Keep Your Ducts Cute

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While most people prefer to spend time with or look at cute ducks, we actually have a hoot with the dirty ones…the dirty ducts, at least! Ducts that are ignored or forgotten (so easy to do when you don’t see what’s inside them), they can get pretty nasty inside! Pet hair, bugs, lint, random scraps, crayons, Barbie shoes…all this stuff balled up in your ducts gets pushed and filtered into your air.

Of course, we all forget about this stuff when we aren’t staring at it every day. But, in our case, we actually DO stare at it every day because we get to clean the duct work. Trust us, it’s not cute. But we can get your ducts clean so it’s not a problem for you!

Repeat colds, respiratory issues, allergies…this can all be reduced or eliminated with cleaner air filtering through your house.

We offer duct cleaning in the Northern Shenandoah Valley Virginia area. We’re locally owned and operated, and we’re a friendly bunch that loves to do the job and get out of your hair.

Give us a call at (540) 425 – 3479 to schedule an appointment to make your ducts spick and span again in no time.


“Should I clean my ductwork?”

Small Solutions Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Team

This is a great question–it’s one of those maintenance things that can easily get overlooked, like cleaning out dryer vents. Because you don’t see the inside of your ductwork on a regular basis, thinking to clean it is random. Or you may not think it’s necessary to clean your ductwork because things seem to be running fine, so…?

The thing with ductwork is that it impacts the air quality in your home or office. It’s the stuff you can’t see that you’re breathing. If you have pets, kids, dampness, general house traffic…these can create build up over time of tiny particles, sticky things, mold, pet dander, hair, mud, etc. It’s small, so you don’t see it until you open up the ductwork to see what’s collected over time.

Believe me, you may NOT want to see what’s collected over time! You wouldn’t want to see what we see. 🙂

So it’s great to clean your ductwork ever so often to improve the quality of the air in your home, and also to reduce allergies, colds, sniffling noses. If you or your family seems to be cycling with repeated allergy flare-ups or congestion, this could be the source. Cleaning your ductwork could drastically improve that.

Give us a call if you’re curious about what it takes to get your ductwork clean. Depending on how your ductwork is set up in your house, our cleaning jobs generally take 4-6 hours. We have special equipment we bring to your home, get in and suck it out.


What We Do When We Clean Your Ductwork

Duct Cleaning Tools

You could clean your ductwork with some fancy (or creative) tools. But no guarantees on how that’s going to turn out! This video shows how we perform a duct cleaning when we come to your home. Our process is usually 4-6 hours to complete a duct cleaning job–but it varies depending on the amount of ductwork and how it’s laid out in your home.

This example shows a residence where we set up our main equipment in the basement, and then blew the debris from the duct work starting from the upstairs down through the ducts. In the basement, the debris is then sucked into our unit where we can collect everything and haul it out of your home. You’re left with fresh air, we’re left with a pile of dust. You’ve got nothing to lose but dust bunnies!