Dryer vent cleaning duct cleaning

Are you finding that after some time your dryer just isn’t drying your clothes as quickly as it once was? There are some simple solutions that you can do to not only help your dryer run more quickly and efficiently, but also more safely.


5 Simple Ways to Help Your Dryer Run More Efficiently:

  1. If you can, dry lightweight garments first when doing back to back loads. Drying lightweight garments first causes the dryer to “preheat” before following with a heavier load of laundry. By “preheating” the dryer, it leaves residual heat in the dryer and helps to dry heavier loads faster.
  2. This may sound obvious, but make sure to clean out your lint tray before each load. Cleaning the lint tray allows a better air flow, so the machine doesn’t have to work so hard to dry your clothes. This is also a safety precaution: not cleaning out your lint tray may result in a house fire.
  3. Another solution that’s not only efficient but also energy-saving is to pre-dry your clothes on a clothesline outside or a drying rack inside. By first pre-drying your clothes and then running them through a quick dry cycle allows your clothes to be soft and fluffy without using so much energy.
  4. A solution that’s also a safety precaution in addition to an efficiency tip is to have your dryer vent cleaned regularly. It’s best to have your dryer vent regularly cleaned out so that there’s an easy air flow, allowing it to run more efficiently, and it keep the pathway clear of lint that could potentially catch on fire. An easy way to manage this to contact us at Small Solutions LLC to schedule regular maintenance on your dryer vent.
  5. Last but not least, make sure to “Goldilocks” your loads- don’t overload or underload, make them just right! When you underload your clothes you’re wasting heat and energy when it could be used to dry more clothes. When you overload your clothes, you’re not allowing enough space for air to reach all of the clothes and half of them will end up wet. Make sure to fill your dryer up all the way, but not too much, to allow your dryer to run efficiently.


If you keep up these 5 simple practices, then your dryer will not only run efficiently and potentially save energy, but it will also have a longer lifespan, need less maintenance, and be safer for your home!

Also, don’t forget, that to easily manage regular dryer vent cleanings, call Small Solutions LLC 24/7 Hotline and talk to a technician to schedule an appointment today! Keep your home safe and your dryer running efficiently!

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