Funeral homes and mortuaries have unique and serious air purification challenges. Working as a professional in a mortuary or funeral home or autopsy facility can become a serious health concern if the environment where you work doesn’t have a top-notch and regularly maintained air filtration or purification system. Protecting staff is critical due to the severe toxicity of the chemicals being used on a regular basis.

Air Purification

The repeated exposure to toxic chemicals, even in trace amounts, can build up over time. Embalming can create toxic fumes and pungent chemical odors from formaldehyde, phosphine gas, glutaraldehyde and aerosolized contaminants can seriously affect those who are sensitive.

For optimal results, funeral professionals inject at least 3 gallons of embalming fluid into a cadaver’s arterial system and body cavity. Embalming fluids are made of strong chemicals, often containing a large proportion of formaldehyde (up to 50%).

It’s this chemical that poses the greatest health concern, as formaldehyde has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Formaldehyde is colorless, flammable, and vaporizes at room temperature. (In addition to its use in labs and funeral homes, it is widely used as an industrial disinfectant and germicide.) In liquid form, it can be absorbed through the skin. Exposure occurs most often from inhalation. Trace amounts can build up over time. Is the current ventilation system in your funeral home or mortuary filtering the toxic chemicals in the air as effectively as possible?Professionals such as healthcare workers, lab techs, teachers who handle biological substances, or morticians who handle embalming fluids, can inhale elevated doses of formaldehyde gases or vapors due to being in contact with the chemicals on a regular basis.

Signs of irritation and concerning levels of these chemicals include:

• difficulty breathing
• wheezing
• dizziness
• repeated coughing
• asthma
• burning eyes
• tightness in the chest
• headaches
• bronchitis

The current condition of your funeral home or mortuary may not be as effective as you think if it is several years old or hasn’t been maintained recently.

We use, recommend and have been trained for installing and maintaining several different types of air filtration and purification systems. UV lighting can also be used to supplement the system you already have. Our selection of portable and effective air filters and air purifiers can accommodate the special needs of funeral homes and mortuaries, including protection from bacteria and viruses.

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