Solve Odor Problems and Spreading Infectious Viruses & Illness With Air Purification. Grooming facilities, vet clinics, doggy day care locations and pet kennels have high levels of bacteria and viruses. With the amount of traffic from new pets coming and going, the buildup of pet dander and the recycling of air with HVAC systems, it’s easy to understand how they can be vulnerable and why they need an air purification system.

Air purifiers and the latest air sanitation technology offer effective, efficient, long-term solutions to  significantly reduce the viral and bacterial infections spreading throughout grooming rooms and kennels.

These systems also eliminate weird odors from cleaning products, pet accidents, etc. This improves  the environment so that those working with the pets and clients experience healthy, fresh air.

There’s a condition, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, commonly known as “kennel cough“, that’s one of the most prevalent infections in dogs today. This can be reduced and eliminated in many cases with the help of an air sanitation system. Is the current ventilation system in your pet facility filtering the odors and bacteria in the air as effectively as possible? We use, recommend and have been trained for installing and maintaining several different types of air filtration and purification systems. UV lighting can also be used to supplement the system you already have. Our selection of portable and effective air filters and air purifiers can accommodate the special needs of pet grooming, boarding and veterinary facilities, including protection from bacteria and viruses. 

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