Small Solutions, LLC offers a range of air purification, air filtration and air quality systems for light commercial use as well as residential.

New buildings are built tighter to save energy while older buildings are implementing new measures to reduce heating and cooling loss. Reduced fresh air also prevents dilution of contaminated air resulting in an increase of contaminants as they are now trapped inside and are continually recirculated throughout the space.

Commercial and office indoor air quality applications vary.

Common issues facing owners, property managers, leasees, employees and visitors include those having to do with troublesome odors and maintaining clean air.

It is not uncommon to have many diverse industries under one commercial roof, as such, air migrates throughout the building bringing with it airborne contaminants. UV systems can effectively address these many different IAQ issues.

Depending on the type of business you have, the daily operations of the business can contribute to poor indoor air quality, generating odors or chemical fumes that can result in everything from mild discomfort to debilitating illnesses for employees with long-term exposure.

In addition, staff and patients at medical facilities are at constant risk from airborne pathogens, while those at schools, child care and educational institutions face contaminants from sick children, classroom activities and antiquated buildings.

Many businesses have benefitted from air purification, air sterilization and cleaning/maintenance services to maintain a healthy atmosphere, such as:

Pet Stores, Vet Clinics and Grooming Salons
Day Care Centres
Nail and Hair Salons
Art Studios
Printing Houses
Medical Offices and Waiting Rooms
Hospitals and Clinics
Retirement and Nursing Homes
Funeral Homes and Mortuaries
Antique Stores and Used Bookstores
Painters, Carpet Cleaners and Home Renovators

Commercial Solutions We Use, Study & Recommend

Sanuvox Systems

We’re certified with Sanuvox, the industry leader in ultraviolet & object sterilization.

Sanuvox Technologies Inc. is a global leader in ultraviolet air treatment providing the most advanced cost-effective In-Duct & Stand-Alone UV Air and Coil Sterilization Systems available. Proprietary Sanuvox UV Systems are designed to maximize exposure time delivering the Ultraviolet energy required to deliver exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates.

Benefits of the Sanuvox UV Air and Coil Sterilization Systems:

  • Dramatically improve Indoor Air Quality which is often the cause of “Sick Building Syndrome” symptoms & Building Related Illnesses (BRI)
  • Reduce airborne bio-chemical contaminants which may affect workplace absenteeism
  • Destroy thousands of airborne contaminants including viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, germs, chemicals and VOCs
  • Reduce or eliminate unpleasant odors which may result from outside air or re-circulated air within the building
  • Improve equipment efficiency while reducing energy costs
  • Maintain a clean evaporator coil saving time and resources on coil cleaning
  • Sanuvox has been tested by the EPA & National Homeland Security
  • A “Green” Technology

Whether it’s for your home or business, if you’re interested in any of these air purification products or  duct cleaning service, feel free to schedule an estimate with our technicians who are available 24 hours a day or give us a call at (800) 647-2581.

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